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The Good, The Bad, and The Bloody

My Eyes is all Grey and i haven't Slept in Daze

Rae Scabies
3 September 1984

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45 grave, 80s, absolutely fabulous, alien sex fiend, angora, animals, antiques, art, autumn, backcombing, bad taste, beetlejuice, being obnoxious, bela lugosi, bettie page, betty boop, big fucking hair, bloo hair, blood & guts, blue velvet, bones, booze, boris karloff, british comedy, bruce campbell, bruises, charlie chaplin, common sense, cosmopolitans, costume jewelry, danzig, death rock, depeche mode, dia de los muertos, diy, ed wood, edward scissorhands, evil dead, eyeballs, eyebrows, fake eyelashes, fiends, fishnets, flappers, frankenstein, fritz lang's metropolis, geishas, george a. romero, german expressionism, getting organizized, goth, gravity defying hair, grease, hairspray, halloween, industrial, its bauhaus not bahaus, john waters, johnny depp, johnny thunders, junk food, jägermeister, kids in the hall, kittys, koolaid, l.a.m.f., leggings, lily munster, lingerie, lon chaney, lucio fulci, mae west, make-up, marilyn monroe, meat, mohawks, mold, monsters, new wave, nina hagen, nosferatu, notld, obnoxious earrings, old horror flicks, paleness, patches, peanut butter, peircings, photography, pin-up art, pinheads, pins, plan 9 from outerspace, pointy shoes, post-punk, pretty in pink, pulp fiction, punk, rock 'n roll, rotting flesh, sailor moon, sarcasm, sauerkraut, scary storms, sewing, shopping, silent films, siouxsie and the banshees, siouxsie sioux, sixteen candles, skeleton keys, skeletons, skulls, some like it hot, spfx makeup, stillettos, stockings, surf rock, surrealism, tattoos, taxi driver, texas chainsaw massacre, the bride of frankenstein, the misfits, the wedding singer, the young ones, thrift shops, tim burton, tod browning's freaks, tor johnson, trashy talk shows, vampira, velvet goldmine, vintage clothing, wayne's world, whiskey, wigs, wind-up toys, young frankenstein, zombies